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We offer more than just gutters!

Yes, we offer New Seamless Gutters; however, Mark and Rex find that their customers need Fascia Boards repaired or replaced due to water damage from gutters that have overflowed and/or leaked from improper installations.  Sophet repairs are common as well.


Many times we find we need to put in water diverters as well in order to keep the water flowing directly into the gutters.

We even take the time to scrape, caulk and paint Fascia and Soffit boards if the customer wants this done.

Mark and Rex can clean, repair, re-seal, and re-adjust the pitch of your gutters, so the water flows out and does not lay in the gutter and/or back up and overflow.

Sadly, most gutter companies do not pitch the gutters using levels to properly flow the water into the drain pipes.

Our customers are very satisfied with the fact we put hinges on the drain pipes; therefore, when you want to mow or work around the gutter drain pipe you can easily lift them up and out of the work area!   

It we see issues that need to be fixed, then we point these out and let you decide if you want get the job done correctly.

We have fixed doors that were not working, fences and just about any thing that pertains to your home.  With all our years of experience and very fair prices you can't go wrong with Pro-Team Gutters.   

We even guarantee our work!

If you have any problems with our work, then we come back asap and fix the problem.  

Being just a company ran by two brothers who really want you to be completely happy, then this sets us way above the companies who just send out some workers whose heart is not into the job.   We know this to be true based on the stories from our customers and the problems we have to fix.

Many times we can save the gutters you have on just by fixing them to work properly of which can save you lots of money.

If you have pets then watch out, for we just love all pets and will love on them. 

Rex had a wonderful Black Labrador for almost twelve years and Rex had to lay her down because of Hip Dysplasia.  

So, it is so fun for us to be able to love on your pets, if permissible!

We answer our phone when you call and if we are unable to, then we will call you back asap!   


Please take the time to scroll the pictures to see what we have done and possibly can do for you!   

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We offer economical pricing when combing new seamless gutters with GutterRx leaf protection

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We give you best service by listening to your needs and customizing your gutter needs; so you never have to worry about water ruining your property

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